Business Intelligence

Transport your business intelligence into a Comprehensive Intelligence Suite

At Persuasive Insight we combine business analytics, data mining and data visualisation, through world-class cutting-edge tools, knowledge and best practices to enable organisations to make informed and eective intelligence-led decisions.

We provide the persuasive insights to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market changes.

Persuasive Insight integrates the 3 business intelligence practices into Effective Intelligence



Business intelligence is descriptive, telling you what’s happening now and what happened in the past


Business analytics or data analysis is predictive, telling you what’s going to happen in the future


Prescriptive analytics is telling you what you should be doing to create better outcomes

Dominate the market by combining these 3 practices of Business Intelligence with your Threat Assessments, Risk Assessments and Business Resilience planning…

At Persuasive Insight, we combine our full suite of security management and intelligence services to provide a comprehensive business positioning and provide the competitive edge, enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for informed decision-making in operations and strategic planning.

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