Due Diligence

identify any potential concerns and achieve your business goals

Know Your Customer

AML legislation

US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

UK Bribery Act 


Persuasive Insight thoroughly examines the organisations our clients intend to engage. We undertake extensive due diligence and investigation to ensure your suppliers and customers no security or regulatory concerns​

We check over 600 official published watch-lists, international sanctions lists and politically exposed persons. 


Additionally, we check for identification of previous financial or regulatory breaches, State Owned Enterprises, organised crime violations, terrorism financing, war crimes and other serious risks such as; Human Rights allegations including human trafficking, child labour and exploitation. We also help you understand supply chain integrity.


We achieve this through in-depth research and analysis using up-to-date global resources in order to understand the full organisational structure, local & ultimate beneficiaries, potential risk exposure to hidden regulatory or fiscal breaches and any inherent risks our clients may face.

There are 3 levels to manage your needs


Level 1 - Simple

We undertake searches to ensure the company is legally registered company and has no potential risks in security, reputation and financial related factors including verification the person or company is not listed on any official sanction lists, law enforcement watch-lists and lists of Politically Exposed Persons and whether the company is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) 


Level 2 - Complex

A Level 1 due diligence plus:

A deep dive including searches over 600 official watch-lists, regulatory enforcement and law enforcement lists and where available; court records, company filings, official company websites and press releases.


This process includes world-wide searches of all major international and national lists published by governments and independent, nongovernment bodies (including OFAC, UN, EU, UK HM Treasury, CANS, DFAT, SECO, HK).


Level 3 - Comprehensive *

A Level 2 Due Diligence plus;


Where suspected risks are identified or the structure of the organisation is not fully understood or who is the ultimate beneficiary, further intelligence and analysis assists in considering engagement or to mitigate risk.


This process includes additional integral information to understand the complete environment including; organisational structure, company ownership and the identification of local beneficiary owners and global beneficiary owners. Additional searches include searches of reputable media sources for adverse filings or reporting.

* Aligned to “Know Your Customer” and Anti-money Laundering legislation to understand who is the ultimate recipient of contractual engagement with the company and to ensure there are no sanction or regulatory concerns, fiscal breaches or reporting anomalies


In this fictitious example; Company “D” (ACME Division of Canada at the bottom of the chart) is the company considered for a new contract for services. 


To understand the ownership structure, a full company due diligence is required to identify the owner and beneficiary for “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.


In this simplistic example, the ultimate beneficiary and owner of ACME Division of Canada is a Sanctioned Entity (Top of chart) and will likely incur legal, fiscal and other penalties, should the sanctions be contravened.  


To follow the structure:


  • Company D is 100% owned by Company C

  • Company C is 50% owned by Company A and 50% owned by Company B

  • Companies A and B which are fully owned by the Russian Sanctioned Entity.

  • Russian Sanctioned entity is the ultimate beneficial owner of  Company D

ACME Corp chart example.png