Threat Assessments

We identify the threats before they impact your business

Threat Assessments


  • Global critical event monitoring


  • Country entry assessments


  • Geo-political influence analysis


  • Terrorism and piracy


  • Heads of State, dignitaries, VIP events and special occasions

  • Adverse media and social branding


  • Deep dive and integrated assessment of operational security procedures, operations and controls.


  • CCTV optimisation.


  • Fusion of security and production data.


  • Quality Assurance and audit of effectiveness and appropriateness of controls including detailed hierarchal measures.


  • Analysis of technological, organisational, economic, environmental, social threat monitoring and early warning indicator awareness. 


  • Specialist in diamond & gold mining processes and security


  • High value product integrity and movement


  • data analysis including integrated alarm and access control

  • activism and community threats including social license to operate, community outrage, sabotage, targeted action

Examination, Evaluation, Intelligence

Persuasive Insight provides specialist services to stay informed in a dynamic and rapidly changing world

We achieve success through integrated data science, rigorous analysis and world-class intelligence techniques –  fusing your data traditionally locked in silos and internal databases



Examine and unlock the data captured in your databases to create effective, meaningful and useful intelligence


We evaluate, integrate, assess, analyse and interpret your data to enable clear representation to create meaning


Persuasive Insight provides you with the crucial information and intelligence for capitalising on opportunities